• Help Your Heart the Healthy Way

    Recent medical research has shown that eating a Mediterranean style diet can be good for your heart. Since heart disease “remains America’s leading cause of death, killing one American every 34 seconds,” one should look for easy, manageable ways to avoid this.  Despite the high prevalence of heart disease, it can be easily prevented. A key way is through diet, as detailed in The Medical News article.

  • Josyann Abisaab and Working at Weill Cornell Medical College

    Josyann Abisaab serves as Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College. The HR Department of the college seeks to “create an environment that fosters the engagement, development and commitment of [its] employees” in a number of ways. First, it looks to employ the most qualified employees who can help the college achieve its mission. Second, it seeks to give its workers “equitable and competitive pay and benefits plan” while serving its customers well. Thus for Weill Cornell Medical College personnel, such as Josyann Abisaab, this is a great place to work, both in terms of career development and good employer treatment. A value held strongly at the…