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Dr. Josyann Abysaab:What to Expect in the ER: Part 1

If you ever need to bring a child to the emergency room, it’s a good idea to prepare him/her in advance. If he knows what to expect, the trauma of the visit will be reduced to a minimum.

On the Way to the ER

Although it is certainly possible to drive to the emergency room yourself, if you need to get your child there quickly, consider calling 911 for an ambulance. Not only is an ambulance the fastest way to get to the ER, but there are trained professionals in the ambulance who can administer care. If you have time, bring some of your child’s belongings that can comfort and calm him while he is there, like a stuffed animal, small toy, crayons or books.

What to Expect

Explain to your child that the first thing you do when you get to the ER is sign-up at the front desk. This lets the doctors know you are there and that your child needs attention. If it is a problem requiring immediate care your child will probably be seen right away. After the initial signing-in a nurse will perform triage, which is how the nurse decides who needs to be seen first by the ER doctors.

Dr. Josyann Abisaab is an emergency room physician at New York Presbyterian Hospital.