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    Water Safety Rules to Save Lives

    Water safety is incredibly important, especially during the summer months.  Doctors like Josyann Abisaab will explain that they see many tragedies every summer, as parents come to the emergency room with their children who have had pool accidents. Drowning is actually the second most common cause of death from injuries for children under 14.  Here are some key tips to keep kids safe around the water in the summer. Children should never dive off of the side of a pool unless an adult says that the water is deep enough.  They should look at the depth markers and pay attention to them. Make sure to test the water’s temperature before…

  • Ankle Injuries and the ER: Dr. Josyann Abisaab

    One of the most common injuries seen in the ER is the ankle injury. Ankle sprains, breaks and fractures are most often a result of activities which require quick stops and starts, as well as abrupt changes in direction. Improper footwear is also a common cause of such injuries. Emergency care doctors like Dr. Josyann Abisaab understand that it is important to: Do daily exercises to strengthen the ankles, as well as to increase their flexibility Strengthen and support old ankle injuries Wear the correct shoes for an activity such as hiking or soccer Avoid running on uneven surfaces.

  • Asthma and Emergency Care

    Having a child with asthma can be very stressful. It is hard to know when an ER visit is necessary. Emergency care doctors such as Dr. Josyann Abisaab recommend you prepare for such a visit in advance, and become familiar with the symptoms that need emergency care. Some of them are: If your child’s coloring changes; blue or gray lips and/or fingernails. If your child has difficulty talking. If your child’s peak flow reading drops below 50% and does not improve with medication. If your child repeatedly uses rescue medications for severe flare-up symptoms which do not go away after five or ten minutes or return quickly. If the areas…

  • Autumn Season Safety Tips: Josyann Abisaab MD

    The season of “falling leaves” has given autumn its popular moniker as the fall season. But for doctors like Josyann Abisaab MD who staff emergency rooms around the country, “fall” has taken on a whole new meaning. Forty-two million Americans seek emergency room treatment each year upon falling. Many of these injuries occur during the performance of ordinary household tasks, such as outdoor yard maintenance. Leaf raking, lawn mowing, and roof inspections all have their potential dangers, including major falls, painful cuts and back injuries. Lawn mowers, in particular, must be viewed as the large, potentially harm-causing machines that they really are.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that more…

  • Dr. Josyann Abisaab & The Lebanese Society of Emergency Medicine

    Next month in Beirut, Lebanon there will be a conference of The Lebanese Society of Emergency Medicine.  Dr. Josyann Abisaab is on the Scientific and Organizational Committees for this 4th Annual Conference.  In addition to Josyann Abisaab, M.D., another ten faculty members from New York Presbyterian Hospital will be joining her in Lebanon as either speakers or workshop leaders for the conference.