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Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

While Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday, there are certain dangers that parents need to be aware of. ER doctors like Dr. Josyann Abisaab can attest to the fact that Halloween safety tips should not be ignored.

Not only you and your children are exposed to these risks; pets and animals are as well. Chocolate contains caffeine and other chemicals that can be fatal for dogs. Be sure to clear the area around your house from any candy remnants, and if you are a dog owner yourself, make sure your children don’t leave their candy within easy reach of your dog. Candy wrappers and foil paper can cause your pet (or child) to choke, or get stuck in their digestive tract, which can result in illness or death. Be sure to keep the area clean of these, too.

Dogs’ tails can wag with a tremendous amount of strength when excited. Take care not to leave jack-o lanterns or candles in places where they can be knocked over by an excited dog or a curious cat. Not only can your pet get badly burned, but they could start a fire as well.

Animals can get nervous or aggressive if strangers keep showing up at the door, or if their house is full of guests in costume. Choose a quiet, spacious room at the back of your house and leave your pet there with food and water. It may frustrate them, but many uncomfortable or even dangerous situations can be avoided this way.