ER,  Josyann Abisaab

Avoiding the ER During the Summer

The summer can be a very difficult time to stay out of trouble.  Because the heat can become so oppressive, if one doesn’t take good care of themselves and their families (especially small children and the elderly), one can end up at the ER with severe burns or dehydration.  To avoid this, the following tips should be adhered to:
•    Stay hydrated at all times; make sure you are drinking at least one liter of water per hour
•    Wear a sun hat and sunglasses
•    Use high-protection sun screen
•    Stop walking if you feel weak/light-headed
•    Try to stay in the shade as much as possible
•    Eat foods high in water (such as grapes, cucumbers, etc.), and avoid greasy foods as well as caffeinated beverages.
Getting dehydrated can lead to severe pain or even danger and could end up with a visit to the ER. So enjoy the long summer days, but take care while you do.